TOPOur Worksカービィ!メモリアルアレンジ(楽曲配信)/Kirby Memorial Arrangements(Digital Version)

カービィ!メモリアルアレンジ(楽曲配信)/Kirby Memorial Arrangements(Digital Version)

Japanese Release Info
Japanese Release Date
HAL Laboratory, Inc.
This package features game title music not performed at the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra Concert. Along with added vocals, live instruments, and more, the music in this package has been arranged especially for the 25 year anniversary.
Distribution Method: download/subscription service
Stores: iTunes Store, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

List of Songs
01. Big Band Kirby
02. Take Off!
03. Sleeping Like a Baby
04. Star Tumble
05. Epic Yarn
06. Driving Star
07. The Apple Juice Song
08. Happy Castle in the Grasslands
09. Beyond the Forest and the Desert
10. Across the Rainbow Bridge
11. Eternal Dream
12. I'll Never Forget You
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