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Inutamago -
An unexpected bond...
One that brings about the birth of something new.

A connection between people that leads to the unknown. Ideas coming together to form extraordinary combinations.
Keep these ideas close, keep them warm, and a new type of joy comes into the world - one we’ve never seen before.

Like a dog keeping eggs warm -
this is the symbol of HAL Laboratory.

How Inutamago came to be

Back in the days (1999) when Inutamago (in Japanese, dog is “inu” and egg is “tamago”) had just emerged, as fresh and warm as bread straight from the oven, we asked President Tanimura (now Chairman of the Board) and Inutamago’s creator Mr. Shigesato Itoi about the feelings, thoughts, and particulars of Inutamago’s birth. Please, turn your thoughts to those earlier days and enjoy.