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Our Philosophy

Creations that lead to happy customers and happy employees, too

For us at HAL Laboratory, it’s important to have happy customers and happy employees, too.
When we do work and appreciate its sense and worth, the act of working becomes a delight.
If we put our heart into our work and it leads to something that brings joy to our customers, then both we and our customers can share in a joy that forms a bond between us.

To bind us together through joy.
The things important to us as creators are amazement, enjoyment, and warmth.
To amaze you.
To have you say, “That was fun!”

With care and love, we make our products one at a time for you, our customer.
We bring you happiness through our creations, and that becomes our happiness, too.
Just as we did in the past, here at HAL Laboratory we’re going to continue on as an enterprise - one that values the happiness of our customers and employees.

President Shigefumi Kawase