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Thank you very much for visiting the HAL Laboratory website (; hereinafter, the “Website”). The Website is managed and operated by HAL Laboratory (hereafter, the “Company”).

Before using the Website, the Company asks that you read the following terms and conditions of usage carefully and use the Website only upon agreeing thereto. Your usage of the Website is considered agreement to the following terms and conditions. Please also note that there may be changes to the site policy and related regulations without advance announcement.

Copyright and Related Matters

All copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights, and other rights related to the pictures, videos, illustrations, texts, and other content published on the Website, as well as the copyright for the Website itself are held by the Company, and all rights for works published under separate copyright notices are held by their respective owners. The works on the Website are protected by local copyright laws and various treaties as well as other laws and legislation. Use or citation (including duplication, transmission, distribution, modification, removal, uploading, displaying, licensing, sales, publication, etc.) of the works on the Website in a way that goes beyond the scope as explicitly established in copyright laws and various treaties, and other laws and legislation, is forbidden without prior written permission from the Company.


The Company’s trademarks and trade names used on the Website are protected by the Trademark Act, the Commercial Code and the Companies Act, etc. and cannot be used without permission. Additionally, the commercial names, product names, and service names appearing on the Website are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective enterprises.

About proposals such as ideas and plans

As a general rule, the Company declines any proposals from customers of ideas, concepts, memoranda, images, and other materials related to new products, techniques, designs, marketing methods and materials, and other domains. Given both the possibility that there may be marked yet coincidental similarity between a customer’s proposal and unannounced ideas which the Company has produced on its own, as well as the possibility of such a similarity leading to misunderstanding or even conflict with our customers, the Company asks for your understanding in this regard.

Even if the Company receives a proposal or offer from you as a customer, your submission of that proposal or offer is deemed to be made in agreement with the following terms. The Company asks for your understanding in this regard.

  • – The Company bears no obligation toward secrecy regarding any ideas, etc. present in a received proposal regardless of whether it is published or unpublished.
  • – The Company bears no obligation to reply, inspect, evaluate, adopt, reject or otherwise engage with a received proposal.
  • – The Company bears absolutely no responsibility, including any responsibility for payment, to the party or parties who have proposed an idea, etc., even in the case of the Company publishing or announcing a product, service, etc. that is similar to such idea in whole or in part.
  • – The Company bears no obligation to return all the materials related to the ideas and plans you send.


In principle, you can freely link to this Website. However, please note the following points:

  • – Please refrain from direct links to registered trademarks such as logos and other images. You cannot link in a way that misleads the source of the information.
  • – When linking, be sure to clearly indicate that it is a link to the website of the Company. The Company does not have a banner for linking, so please link from the text.
  • – Please refrain from any description or expression on your website with a link to the Website that may cause misunderstanding that products, services, companies or other information on your website are in a partner or any other special relationship with the Company.
  • – Please refrain from linking methods that may make the ownership of the linked content unclear or otherwise mislead third parties. (Be sure to set the link so that the Website is displayed only after the screen is completely switched to the Website or a new browser window is opened.)
  • – Please refrain from linking to pages which expressly prohibiting linking, and other pages that the Company separately indicates linking is prohibited.
  • – Please note that the URL of this Website is subject to change without prior notice.


The Company takes the utmost care in every applicable manner when publishing information on the Website. However, the Company cannot provide any guarantee of the Website’s content with regard to its accuracy, reliability, usefulness, or suitability for any established objective. The Company will not assume any responsibility for any damage resulting from use of the Website. The Company asks that you use the Website while understanding that any risk borne is your own. Similarly, the Company will not assume any responsibility for losses or damages generated directly or indirectly by suspension of or defects in the Website’s services. Additionally, the Company will not accept any responsibility for damage generated by use of third-party websites linked from the Website or linked to in the Website, which are not under the control of the Company.


You agree to the absolute prohibition of the following acts in using the Website:

  • – Any of the following acts done without the Company’s permission in which all or part of the Website is the target or object: reverse-engineering, decompiling, disassembly, sales, distribution, screening, transmission, presentation, uploading, editing, alteration, duplication, and other related acts
  • – Acts disadvantaging or harming of any third party and/or the Company;
  • – Acts damaging the reputation or credibility of any third party and/or the Company;
  • – Acts of, or acts carrying the potential of, usage or sharing of malicious software, e.g. computer viruses;
  • – Acts in violation of public order and morals;
  • – Criminal behavior or acts related to criminal behavior;
  • – Any other acts of, or acts carrying the potential of, the violation of laws, regulations and/or ordinances; and
  • – Any other acts the Company judges to be inappropriate

Changes in Terms of Use and Website Content

The Company may make changes to the contents and usage policy of the Website without prior notice. Please also note that the Company may either suspend or discontinue management of the Website. Regardless of what the reason or reasons may be, the Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damages resulting from interruption in the Website’s usage or modification of the Website’s information.


To create a better access experience, JavaScript is used in some of the Website’s content. Please note that if JavaScript is disabled (turned off) in your browser settings, you may not be able to properly view or navigate the Website.

Installation of Social Media “buttons”

On the Website, some pages may have “buttons” such as for the following social media sites. When you use these social media sites and browse a page with social media “buttons,” information such as you browsing the page may be automatically sent to the social media site. For more details, please check the following policies of each social media site.
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YouTube API service

The Website uses the YouTube API service to display appropriate videos to you. The YouTube API service is provided based on Google’s privacy policy and YouTube’s Terms of Service. By using the Website, you are deemed to have agreed to YouTube’s Terms of Service. The Company does not acquire or use any of your information through this API.

Privacy Policy

Check our privacy policy page for details.