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Thank you very much for visiting the HAL Laboratory website (, hereinafter referred to as “our website”). Our website is managed and operated by HAL Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as “our company”).

Before You Contact Us

We’ve collected together answers to some of your most common inquiries below. Please be sure to read them through before sending us an e-mail.

  • Can I link to the HAL Laboratory website?

    As a general rule, you are free to link to our website, but we ask that you keep in mind the following.

    • ・ Please do not directly link to any registered trademarks (logos, etc.) or images on this website. Linking in a way that causes misidentification of the information source is strictly prohibited.
    • ・ Please indicate clearly that your link connects to the HAL Laboratory website. As we have not prepared any link banners, please link via text.
    • ・ We ask that you refrain from comments that might mislead third parties in regards to any special connection (such as a partnership with our company, etc.) with information regarding items, services, and enterprises presented online that links to our website.
    • ・ We ask that you refrain from linking to our website in a way that might mislead third parties through ambiguous inclusion of our website’s contents, e.g. by displaying our site in a link destination frame. (Please be sure to create your links so that they either cause a new browser window to open or otherwise completely change the browser window to display our website.)
    • ・ Please refrain from linking to pages that explicitly forbid links or otherwise ask that the page not be linked to.
    • ・ Please note that URLs on our site are subject to change without notice.
  • Can I use content, for example images, from the HAL Laboratory website?

    Sadly, use of images and other content from the HAL Laboratory website is not permitted. All copyright, trademark rights, rights of portrait, and other rights connected to the pictures, images, illustrations, text, and other content published on this website as well as the copyright for the website itself are held by the company, and all rights for works published under separate copyright are held by their respective owners. The works on this site are protected by international copyright law and various treaties as well as other laws and legislation. Use or citation (including duplication, transmission, distribution, modification, publication, removal, uploading, licensing, sales, etc.) of the information on this site in a way that goes beyond the scope as explicitly established in copyright law and various treaties, as well as other laws and legislation is forbidden without prior written permission from the company.

  • Can I send you suggestions, for example ideas I’ve had for games?

    As a general rule, our company declines any proposals from customers of ideas, concepts, memoranda, images, and other materials related to new products, techniques, designs, marketing methods and materials, and other domains. Given both the possibility that there may be marked yet coincidental similarity between a customer's proposal and the unannounced ideas we've produced on our own, as well as the possibility of such a similarity leading to misunderstanding or even conflict with our customers, we ask for your understanding in this matter.

    Even if by chance we do receive a proposal or offer from you as a customer, your transmission of that proposal is understood to be done in agreement with the following terms. Again, we ask for your understanding.

    • ・ The company bears no obligation toward secrecy regarding any ideas, etc. present in a received proposal.
    • ・ The company bears no obligation to inspect, evaluate, adopt, or otherwise engage with a received proposal.
    • ・ The company bears absolutely no responsibility, including responsibility of payment, to the party or parties who have proposed an idea, etc., regardless of whether or not the company uses a proposal in part or in whole or otherwise publishes or announces a similar product, service, etc.
Contact and Inquiries

If you’d like to contact us, please include the details of your inquiry, your name, and your preferred e-mail contact in a message to one of the following information service e-mail addresses.

For inquiries related to products made by the company
(exempting products made for smart devices):
For inquiries related to products made for smart devices made by the company:
For matters regarding the handling of your personal information:
For all other inquiries regarding the company: