Company Profile

Company Name
HAL Laboratory, Inc.
80,000,000 Yen
Board of Directors
President: Shigefumi Kawase
Director: Shinya Kumazaki
Director: Nobuto Kuroki
Auditor: Hidemi Ushijima
(Average Age: 37.9 years old as of July 1, 2022)
Account Settlement
Yearly (March)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kofu Branch

Risona Bank, Kofu Branch

Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ryuo Branch
Warpstar, Inc. (Controlling share: 50%)

Our Business

Research and development of digital entertainment products

  • Software for home video game and portable consoles
  • Planning and production of music, books and other game-related products
  • Electronic toys and game peripheral devices

We work hard to create new joy through novel concepts, bringing out the very essence of fun. When we create, we put the feelings of the player first and don’t stop until we’re completely satisfied with our creations. For newcomers, what we make is easy to pick up and play; for gaming fans, it’s something that brings a depth of enjoyment. This is the digital entertainment of HAL Laboratory. From planning to package design, our products are our emblems, made carefully with real feeling one by one to deliver delight and amazement to the world.

Development of digital entertainment infrastructure

  • Development of various web services for game consoles, and more
  • Development of game console built-in application
  • Development of game development environment and support tools

Our company has been co-developing some of the web services, built-in application (various software built into the platform), middleware, etc. that support the Nintendo platform with Nintendo. We also develop our own frameworks, scripting languages, and tools that are indispensable for game development. The fusion of unique technologies, the exchange of human resources, and a development system that is based on the same perspective as the creators create the foundation for the birth of new entertainment.

Original character production

  • Character merchandising
  • Planning and production of events, promotions, and more

We commercialize the characters created in our game products like Kirby and Boxboy! We rear them with affection and send them out into the world, deploying them in animations, through character goods, at events, promotion, and more. When it comes to our licensees, we don’t simply engage in quality control, but are proactive in making proposals and exchanging ideas, unifying the people and parties involved both internally and externally to promote creative efforts. Now, and also in the future, we aim to cultivate characters of global proportions, making every effort to consider what it is we can do for them.