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はたらくUFO/Part Time UFO/UFO找工作/열일하는 UFO

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Smart device
HAL Laboratory, Inc.
HAL Laboratory's first foray into mobile gaming is a physics-based action puzzler in which players control a cute anthropomorphic UFO, using its extendable claw to complete a wide variety of jobs that involve picking up items and carefully piling them on a platform so they don't topple over. For a job well done--whether it involves loading cargo onto a truck, creating cheerleader pyramids, preparing elaborate desserts, or building castles--players earn money that they can use to purchase a number of different outfits, from a tiger costume to a ninja getup. Each outfit gives the UFO a new look and, occasionally, additional powers. Players are encouraged to replay each stage several times to see how inventively they can pile the available items. An in-game function allows players to instantly take a picture of their work so they can share their most memorable pileups on social media.
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