TOPOur Works星のカービィ メダルランドの魔法の塔 (Hoshi no Kirby Medalland no Mahou no Tou)

星のカービィ メダルランドの魔法の塔 (Hoshi no Kirby Medalland no Mahou no Tou)

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ATLUS Co., Ltd.
Filled with the spirit of the world seen in the Kirby games and animation, this large-scale arcade game machine can seat up to eight players. It was developed and marketed by Atlus. HAL Laboratory became involved from the planning stage onward, suggesting and providing a variety of ideas and designs to make the most of Kirby throughout the machine. This also included the slots that form the heart of play and the copy ability roulette, as well as the decorative elements of the outer chassis, all designed to create an exciting atmosphere. Far from simply supervising, HAL worked hand-in-hand with the maker to carry out development, resulting in a product jam-packed with Kirby-style fun and appeal.